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Dates of Survey: April 1-5, 2011
Margin of Error: +/- 3.5 percentage points
Sample Sizes: 802
Survey Method: Knowledge Networks probability-based
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Priority of US-Muslim World Relations Thinking about US interests, how important an issue is the US relationship with Muslims and Muslim majority countries?



Views of Middle East Democratization Do you think that if the countries of the Middle East become more democratic this will be more positive or more negative for the US: Sadat/PIPA, April 2011 Over the next few years


What if Democratization Leads to Unfriendly Government?

“I would want to see a country become more democratic even if this resulted in the country being more likely to oppose US policies.”


Perceptions of Uprisings Do you think the popular uprisings in the Arab world are: Sadat/PIPA, April 2011 More about Islamist groups seeking political power


More about Islamist groups seeking political power

Are Islam and Democracy Compatible? Which position is closer to yours?


Views of Arab Nations What is your overall opinion of each of the following countries:


Views of Arab People What is your overall opinion of each of the following groups of people:


Effect of Uprisings on Views of Arab World


US Position Toward Uprisings

In responding to the popular uprisings in the following countries, do you think the US should:


Compatibility of Muslim and Western Cultures Thinking about Muslim and Western cultures, do you think that:


Support for Action on Libya As you may know, the U.S. military and other countries have begun cruise missile and air strikes in Libya in order to protect civilians from attacks by Qaddafi’s forces. Do you approve or disapprove of the U.S. and other countries taking this military action in Libya?


If the air campaign does not succeed in protecting civilians from attacks by Qaddafi’s forces, would you support or oppose the US and other countries providing arms to the Libyan rebels?


Approach to Israeli-Palestinian Conflict In its efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, what position do you believe the US should take?


Administration Efforts on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Sadat/PIPA, A pril 2011 Which of the following is closest to your view of the Obama Administration’s diplomatic efforts to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict?


Effect of Uprisings on Views of Arab World



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