Originally Published on June 11th 2016
Written/Designed by: Megan O’Toole, Konstantinos Antonopoulos
Indexed from: Al Jazeera
Original Link: http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/interactive/2016/04/plight-palestinian-prisoners-160417065008236.html

Palestinians are marking Prisoners’ Day to highlight the plight of thousands being held in Israeli jails.

Text Transcribed:

The Israelis are currently holding around 7,000 Palestinian prisoners, including…

– 600 Administrative detainees
– 400 Children


() These numbers have climbed growing from 4420 in Dec 2011 to 6800 in December 2015.
() Child Prisoners have grown from 105 in December 2011 to 470 in December 2015.

() The longest term prisoner is 57 years old
() Served over 33 years as a prisoner.
() Karim Younes, 57, of Haifa, who has been in prison since 1983, serving a life sentence for allegedly killing an Israeli soldier.

() Oldest Prisoner is 76
() Spent over 10 years in prison.
() Fauad al-Shobaki, 76, of Gaza who was arrested by Israeli forces in 2006 for allegedly sponsoring a ship carrying weapons to Gaza.

() Youngest Prisoner is 12 years old
() Sentenced to 4 1/2 (4.5) months in prison, but Israel recently announced she would be released early.
() Full name has been redacted to D# Al-wawi, due to privacy concerns as he is considered a minor.
() She was arrested by Israeli forces in 2016 and charged with attempted manslaughter and possession of a knife.

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