The FBI just unsealed a criminal complaint against Maria Butina, 29, who was a U.S gun advocate for the NRA and student at American University.  She entered the U.S. on a student visa in August 2016, ostensibly for graduate work in international relations at American University. Charges brought up against her include being an agent of a foreign power and ordered held without bail pending a hearing on Wednesday, according to the Justice Department.

The U.S., federal prosecutors have unsealed a criminal complaint alleging that a Russian graduate student living in the D.C. area conspired to act as an agent of Russia without registering, as required, under U.S. law

FBI Special Agent Kevin Helson wrote in a sworn statement that the motive was to “exploit personal connections with U.S. persons having influence in American politics in an effort to advance the interests of the Russian Federation.

She was campaigning for gun rights for the NRA as an alleged agent to influence American political organizations

Ms. Butina’s attorney issued a statement denying the charges.

Ms. Butina’s bail hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

*Story is still developing*

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