This stupid loser bomber who tried to blow up Port Authority in NYC yesterday happens to be from Bangladesh.

And? Why is the country of Bangladesh, or any country for that matter, relevant to this conversation? Aside from you wanting to be racist AF and imply foreigners are bad people.

So you’ll call Trump out for his bigotry against immigrants, but then you’ll basically do the same damn thing by connecting an evil scumbag loser to a vibrant country and culture? Got it.

What you should be associating with Bengalis is how they are secretly the baddest biryani cooks on the planet. They don’t want you to know that though so keep making all the jokes you want about how they always eat fish, because they’re just sitting back laughing as you’re missing out on all this bomb ass biryani.

Oh and the best is the reporters playing racist detective trying to understand the motives behind the bomber (which only happens when the bombers are brown btw, isolated incidents when they’re white).

I read one article where a reporter went to the loser bomber’s neighborhood and interviewed his white neighbors. One lady talked about how he “never said hi” and how he “seemed really angry” when she saw him take out his garbage from her window. Oh man, I wonder how he looked checking the mail. Did he wear flip-flops or no?

Oh my fave was the same reporter interviewed this guy who apparently came over to the bomber’s house a few weeks ago to install furniture. He said “the family seemed really nice but I noticed there was a lot of Arabic written on their walls.”


Also, I should be calling this guy a “bomber” in quotes. Apparently the “bomb” he was trying to set off involved a 9V battery and some Christmas lights. I was really shaken up yesterday because I was so close to being near this scene when it happened.

But you mean to tell me I got freaked out over a dude who tried to kill people with a third grade science project? Next you’re going to tell me about suicide bombers with baking soda volcanoes strapped to their chests.


Have you read any of the things the bomber has been telling authorities? Its all incoherent nonsense. First he said he did it because of bombings where he’s from? Whose bombing Bangladesh?

Then he said it was over Palestine. And then he said it was Christmas posters he saw at the subway station that pissed him off and thats why he wanted to set those bombs off.

So he was like


(See that’s funny because I am implying the bomber is out of touch with Islam because no conscious human being would condone murdering innocent people. And I’m implying he’s out of touch with reality by implying he shops at Radio Shack.)

He’s clearly an idiot so why waste any time giving him a platform or being afraid of some jackass loser. Lock him up and let him rot in prison for being a vile piece of turd.

Meanwhile, we still have no idea why that dude in Las Vegas shot up 50+ people a few months ago with basically as many weapons as some small country’s arsenals. Reporters managed to interview the bomber’s furniture delivery guy yesterday within like an hour! Its been like 3 months and we still don’t know why all those people died in Las Vegas.

Stay woke people.


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